Organic nutritional milk powder for pregnant women

  • Milk from Cows fed on NATURAL PASTURES
  • Specially formulated for pregnant women
  • No added Sweetener, contains Iron and Folic acid
  • Good source of Calcium and Vitamin C
  • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • No genetically modified ingredients added during process
  • GOOD SOLUBILITY even in cold water

Organic milk is collected from certified organic farms; these farms are free from synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, food additives and genetically modified organisms. The organic milk from cows eating clean and natural pastures is used in the manufacture of “Organic nutritional milk powder” for pregnant women. Our organic nutritional milk powder is specially formulated to provide essential nutrients to meet the dietary requirements of both the growing foetus and the mother. It is rich in calcium which is essential for proper bone formation. It contains iron which is vital for neurological development of the foetus. It provides folic acid which is known to help prevent abnormal formation of neural tube defects if consumed along with a healthy diet (at least 400µg per day at least the month before and three months after conception). And it contains other essential vitamins & minerals. It does not have any added sucrose and has a pure and natural milk and taste with no artificial colourants, flavours and preservatives.