Organic nutritional milk powder for lactating women

  • Milk from Cows fed on NATURAL PASTURES
  • Specially formulated for lactating women
  • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Low fat, No added Sweetener
  • Good source of Iron and Vitamin C
  • No genetically modified ingredients added during process
  • GOOD SOLUBILITY even in cold water

Organic milk is collected from certified organic farms which are free from synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or hormones, potentially harmful chemicals and genetically modified organisms. The organic milk from such clean and natural pastures is used in the manufacture of “Organic nutritional milk powder for Lactating Women”.

Our organic nutritional milk powder is a convenient way to take nutrition when it is difficult to have proper meals due to morning sickness or busy childcare, replenish nutrition during breast feeding and to help maintain strong bones after giving birth.

Our organic nutritional milk powder is low in fat, saturated and trans fat. It provides essential vitamin, minerals and DHA. Calcium is important for building and keeping strong bones. Iron is an essential component in red blood cell formation. Vitamin C helps maintain the health of skin.

It does not have any added sucrose and has a pure and natural milk and taste with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.